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➺ down to the bone
~2300 words; road trip au; R
a/n: for amanda (sungjaed on tumblr) , because she reblogged a beep beep gifset and some tags that made me go crazy. i….can’t write porn. sorry. also, this is unedited.

“I don’t understand how you go from singing trashy american pop to trying to give me road head so quickly.”Collapse )
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➺ down to the bone
24 December 2013 @ 10:21 pm
~1000 words; pacific rim au; pg-13; drabble
warnings: uhh vague mentions of death/violence
a/n: conceived as part of mine+ali's pacific rim au, after i watched the film for the fourth time.
this was posted on my tumblr, but I don't like the formatting there so here it is again.

When Yifan says his next words he feels like Jongdae has teased them out of him, like Jongdae knows exactly what’s coming.Collapse )

please cry with me about this bullshit pairing/au/band/whatever on tumblr ;;;;
➺ down to the bone
27 February 2013 @ 01:06 am

a mix for two terrible people
listen + downloadCollapse )
➺ down to the bone
~600 words; canon; pg-13; drabble
jungho/jihoon, tiny heungsoo/namsoon
warnings: some violence
a/n: i haven't seen ep 16 yet, but i've been having some jungho feelings? i've got a couple of short 2k13 things that will go up ~eventually~
sorry for posting something so short here, but i can't figure tumblr out and all the spacing gets all dumb and stuff? :( 
title is from childish gambino's kids

Namsoon follows Jungho down the alley with practiced ease, unused to being on the receiving end, and thinks many things about irony and about getting what he deserves.Collapse )
➺ down to the bone
04 September 2012 @ 01:16 am
~3000 words; canon; nc-17; oneshot
warnings mild snowballing, tiny humiliation play, i used to call yifan wufan 
a/n: this is PWP, horrible terrible PWP and very very bad you've been warned idek why i wrote this?! this doesn't even deserve a postim just throwing it here

It can't be Jongdae's fault that guilt is such a pretty expression on Wufan's face.Collapse )